Shipping (Always Express & Trackable)

We ship all orders by DHL/TNT/FEDEX Express services. Deliveries  takes 1 to 5 days at most worldwide. In Europe usually 1 day, in US usually 2-3 days, Australia usually 3-4 days. 

Shipping Costs and Saving

Minimum shipping cost to Europe is 7.00 EUs and 12 EUs to the rest of the world up to 0.5 kgs (500 gr).

The cost increases at every additional 500 gr in a decreasing amount per Kg. Whenever you add a new item to your cart you can see the updated shipping cost according to the weight of the items you added.

You pay 7 EUs for a shipment of 0.5 Kg to Europe but pay 12 EUs for 1 Kg and 16 Eus for 2 kgs, etc.  

As many of our items are light you can get the same shipping cost for multiple items.


If you buy 1 X BS-HO-01 Ballast Spreader which is 50 gr you pay 7 EU for shipment.

If you buy 10 X BS-HO-01 Ballast Spreaders you still pay 7 EU as the total weight is 500gr in total.

So it is always wise to combine the items you want in one order to save on shipping costs.

Returns And Refunds

Returns accepted if your item is somehow broken at post, misfunctioning, faulty, etc. You can just send a photo and we replace or refund your money in full including shipping costs as well. Shipping of replacements are paid by our company.